Key Facts

James Clark Maxwell Telescope

The James Clark Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) is the world's largest single-dish sub-mm telescope. Its 15m dish is situated on the top of MauneaKea in Hawaii, one of the best observing sites in the world. Find out more on the JCMT website.

Survey Strategy

HASHTAG was allocated a total of 275 hours on the JCMT. We used 55 hours to observe the CO(J=3-2) line using the HARP instrument. The 220 hours from HASHTAG were combined with our former pilot project (35 hours) to map the entirity of Andromeda with SCUBA-2.


Andromeda (M31) is our neighest neighbour, and in many ways is similar to our own galaxy the Milky Way. Our view of the Milky Way can be problematic as our solar system is located inside the Galaxy's disk, however, in Andromeda we can view the entire galaxy.

The Team

HASHTAG includes over 80 reserachers from colloborators in Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and at the East Asian Observatory.

Latest News

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September 2021: SCUBA-2 Data Release Paper Accepted!

Our first paper on our SCUBA-2 dust continuum data has been accepted to ApJS. This paper outlines the pipelines we developed to make our maps of Andromeda from the ground.

Investigating the Gas in Andromeda

Our first HASHTAG paper presents our HARP CO maps and investigates how the properties of the molecular gas varies across Andromeda.